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Energy Independence: Helping Your Wallet AND The World

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We don't play games with your time or money. We offer excellent service and products that will fill your solar needs at a price point that is a no brainer. Working with us you are getting the best any solar company could offer. We will help you change the world one panel at a time.

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QUALITY ASSURED only works with the best operators and installers. With us you won't be left in the dark. If a company does not have at least 4.5 stars on all major review sites, they are not able to be a partner. Partner with us and come to the light! 


Besides functionality and price, most of our customers envision safety non-negotiable. We are fully bonded and will protect your home as we utilize our panels to bring energy independence. 


Our partners have thousands of installs completed between them. We hire the best as we utilize best products and practices to make sure your home is taken care of. 


Investing in solar is not only an investment in your  home and will provide future savings, but also can help our environment. Solar is quite sustainable and is our work is warrantied. We love to hear our customers give us shout outs how their solar panels are saving them money and bringing them peace of mind. 


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“If always wanted to go solar but was very hesitant to take that big step. My payment for solar will be about what I pay for the winter time here in  Vegas.”

Minena, March 2021

“I was very nervous about signing up for solar. The people at this organization made it an amazing experience. They were understanding about my concerns and found answers to all my questions. From the first person to the last person I dealt with I felt great about my experience. How often do we get to say that!”

Sarah, March 2021

“Brooke did amazing job of on boarding our family with new solar panels. She texted us every week to give us updates and did what it took to make sure our local city got things processed.”

Sean, Feb 2021


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